Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm done

I think I peaked early. I feel done with the holidays today. I am ready to have my gumbo, read the night before Christmas, have a sleepless night, open presents have a bloody mary, pack up all the Christmas hoo ha, say happy new year and down a bottle of sparkly.

maybe I will be more in the spirit tomorrow.


Giddy. said...

we can be done together. I haven't even begun, and I'm done.

CamiKaos said...

what kind of fun stuff do we get to do when we're done? Is there drinking involved? I'm up for that.

Giddy. said...

There is ALWAYS drinking involved. Typically, that's how I end up "done."

I think champagne is a good "done" drink. We should definitely have an 'online' done party... with lots of champagne and chatting and giggling and girly stuff like that.

Oh! and chocolate. chocolate is definitely good for a 'done' party.