Wednesday, December 06, 2006

merry bah humbug

Am I done with the holidays as I said yesterday? Hell yes, I am so tired of all the hub bub and hoo ha. I gave up. The last couple of items I needed I ordered on line days ago to avoid any actual human contact with angry crowds and rude salespeople. I don't want to think about baking cookies, visiting santa, wrapping things, having parties, going to parties, being asked if I like eggnog (I think it is one of the most revolting "liquids" known to humankind). I am done with forced cheeriness and ringing bells, Christmas displays in EVERY store I go to. I'm done.

But am I done? No. I look at those little bare feet and all I can think of is Christmas eve with my parents, maybe my brother and S, eating Gumbo, talking, listening to some crazy playlist Mike and I have made for the evening, laughing and listening to my dad read to us. Rushing K off to bed even though it will take 2 hours to get her to sleep and her face in the morning when it is magic all over again... Am I done with that? No. But with all the other crap going on I feel like it can't get here fast enough.

For me that one snapshot in time is what it is all about.

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Giddy. said...

wonderful picture. she is beautiful.