Monday, November 20, 2006

things i don't like today

1. having to set the alarm clock for 8am even though Mike is on vacation and K has no school today

2. not being allowed to eat or drink anything after 9am until my mri is over late this afternoon

3. the memory of my mother in law stating yesterday how cute my butt is

4. how upset my stomach is because I tried to cram a bunch of soy sausage and yogurt into it early in the morning before I usually eat anything at all.

5. My daughter whining and asking me repeatedly "Do you know when summer is going to come"

6. the severe thirst that will hit me in about an hour

7. the munchies I will get in 90 minutes when i normally like to start eating

8. even though he's on vacation, Mike is in a meeting on a conference call

9. my cats are staring at me

10. having to remove all my jewelry before i leave the house so the big magnet doesn't try to rip them from me.

11. that I am so lame I am making this list

12. the dye that they will inject into me with the iv so they can trace its progress through my body.

13. the mri guy will mock my fear of needles & ivs when he sees my tattoos

14. that I will sing loudly in the mri tube along to my to my favorite Tom Waits album before I remember that the guy in the control booth can hear me too. (okay that's just from experience and it is pretty funny)

15. the severe headache i will get from the dye and the loud knocking that will probably prevent me from doing anything except hide in a dark room and sleep for the rest of the day

16. the knowledge that I still have to do a bunch of thanksgiving shopping tomorrow.

Things I do like today

1. my cats are staring at me

2. K just brought me a paper hibiscus flower to wear in my hair

3. she is wearing her sun hat and making beds for the cats (live and stuffed animal) all over the living room.

4. Mike is home for the week

5. I'll get taken for a milkshake after the MRI (mike is awesome)

6. Once I get home I will get to lay in my big bed by myself and watch TV or sleep

7. K wrote the words "i love you" and "mama" for me

8. life is good

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