Monday, November 20, 2006

things i don't like today part 2

a. i had to take out & put back in my 2 cartilage piercings that are only a few months old and shouldn't be taken out yet... they hurt now.

b. the headache from the injected dye makes everything sound 10 times louder

c. we were out of fire wood and had to pick up more on the way home.

d. i don't want anyone touching me

e. did i mention my head hurts?

things I do like today part 2

a. when i was getting an MRI Mike bought me a secret Christmas present... oooh.

b. K was really well behaved when we got food afterwards

c. right before we left my new 3 disc Tom Waits album & a book I've been waiting for arrived even though they weren't supposed to be delivered until November 24th - December 2nd

d. the day is pretty much over and I am going to bed.

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