Wednesday, September 17, 2008

rush hour

Half the Summer I looked ahead to the lazy days of Fall when K would be back to school and I could have some time to myself. When I could nap, luxuriate in quiet, have long lunches or read a book...

What was I thinking? What sort of bizarre dreamland was I living in and how is it even possible that I am ten times busier now than I was weeks ago when I spent all day with a 6 year old shadow?

On those long past summer days we slept in. We ate leisurely breakfasts. We played. We colored. We frolicked and blew bubbles! Now we get up at 6:30 in the morning, scarf down food, rush to get dressed, to make lunches and scramble out the door in an early morning mental fog.

I don't get to go straight home and relax. No nap time. No long lunches. My task list is ever growing... Oh summer won't you please come back.


Jo Beaufoix said...

I know what you mean. Though I have Misses E and M home right now as they're ill with bad coughs and colds and have a fever. It's nice to have them home, but I'd rather it was without the green stuff. ;D

Lisa Milton said...


I had big PLANS for the fall, but every day speeds by...

holly said...'s all the bloody same to me! get up. go to work. come home. go to bed. oh yeah, the blogging. my life is soooo rich!

sybil law said...

Try going without electricity. It's a fucking party! haha
Oh God. I still cannot believe I have power.
Everything else is just gravy.