Thursday, February 21, 2008

the book the meme and the very long day...

Some days are so long and full of everything and nothing... yet provide you with nothing whatsoever to blog about.

I will tell you that I woke at 4 AM to a coughing little girl asking for water only to discover that said coughing little girl (the disease spreader that calls our house home) had a fever.


She crawled into bed between Mr. Kaos who was sneezing coughing and sick with a fever (but at least he was sleeping) and me. I was awake. my baby is sick, I'm up. That lead returning email to people on the east coast and in another country at 4:30 in the morning....

That doesn't give me much to blog about though...

So what do I talk about? Do I discuss yet again the sick people taking over my house? Do I bitterly mention that I was going to get to meet the wondrous Missburrows tonight but that I had to cancel. Mr. Kaos was too sick to go. I would have just canceled the sitter and gone without him but with K sick too... I couldn't do it.

So I didn't get to meet her. I didn't get to stare at her with wide eyes facinated with her talking with her face instead of with her blog.


But again... what bitter fruit would that blog post have born?

So instead I will take comfort in the tag my lovely Sybil bestowed upon my ass... thank you Sybil baby... I'm actually grateful to have a MeMe to do today.

I don't know what this MeMe is called but I'll be calling it the Book MeMe... because I said so. Here are the particulars:

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people & post a comment on your taggers blog so they can go see.

1. Got it. Right here. Terry Pratchett's book The Color of Magic.

2. Wow, this is going really really well. I have opened it.

3. I found it!

4. Umm... including that sentence or starting with the next one? Crap. A flaw in my simple plan... but unless you are all crazy and anal enough to get the book go to page 123 and check, how will you know? So I will start wherever I want...

"But they carried us up in the air! In that hall there must have been hundreds - "

"I expect it was just magic," said Hrun dismissively.

5. Again with the pain. If only I could be certain that the 5 people I tag actually need something to do... oh well. Not all plans are perfect.

Daddy Kaos

Go forth and make posts babies... and if you don't want to do it... I totally absolve you.... that's in the rules isn't it?

Oh... well it is now...


sybil law said...

Um, okay - but where are 3 sentences?!
Give a girl a job and she half asses it!
Hahahahaha you know I am kidding.
I only include you cause I loves you, baby.
Good job!

CamiKaos said...

What!!!!??? They're right there biatch

Bubblewench said...

You two are nuts. Love those books! They are so much fun. Haven't read them in awhile, guess I'll have to dig them out and reread now that the spark has been kindled.

Sorry you are so sick! :(

But it was a nice surprise to get email from you so early. Made me smile all day. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping your family feels better soon.

daryl e said...

Hope the family feels better soonest .. I had that crap and its awful and lingers .. ugh .. I however feel a lot better knowing you had the same issue I did .. not knowing where to begin this 'copying' of book lines .. sigh .. its just so hard these internets .. ;-D

mielikki said...

darn it! blogger ate my comment and I am too tired to remember what pithy, logical statement I had to make.
Oh well

Maria said...

Fell better soon!!

Maria said...

Or feel. Whichever.

stephanie said...

This is pretty cool, actually. I might steal it for an assignment with my creative writing students - to drive home the point that a reader might just do this and decide not to read a story because the sentences are uninteresting...

Or I might just go lie back down.

(I promise I will get to this meme soon! Thanks for the tag :)).

stephanie said...

P. S. Hoping your household is better soon, too. I'm a little freaked that I'll be too sick to have my Oscar party! Priorities.

missburrows said...

Wonderous? Wow. Maybe we shouldn't meet. I want to make sure you keep saying that. :)

There was a big crowd last night and you wouldn't have fit in to the paddy wagon anyway. :)

Hope you all feel better soon!

KiKi said...

The nearest book doesn't have 123 pages (The Berenstain Bears). Actually, none of my books are that long, I can't stomach anything more than 10 pgs...

all right all right, i'll do it (grumble grumble) .


Jo Beaufoix said...

Hope you're all better soon babe. And I'm sooo sad you didn't meet Miss Burrows, but I'm sure it will happen soon.

And I am going to nick this meme when I'm recovering from my op, because I'm bad like that.

holly said...

this is a bit weird. i'm in the middle of that book. and if i could be arsed, i would turn on the light on the way to the bathroom and check that. but i am not loving the book. so it's on pause while i check out pride and prejudice.

i thought i'd love it because i love that hogfather show they made out of one of his books.


Kimberly said...

Alas, not one of Pratchett's best.

Sympathies on the sickies, and especially the cancelled bloggy meet up. Know how that feels.

KiKi said...