Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the snake

A stop has to be put to Mr. Kaos and his remodeling insanity.

See, mom and dad are here.

You know? DaddyKaos and Nana. They're in my house RIGHT NOW.

Can you imagine a house full of the Kaos family? It is here.

So this morning I get home from dropping K off at school to find my mom sitting at the table.

Mr. Kaos is getting ready for a meeting (yes a meeting for his work that he is on vacation from) and my dad is no where to be seen.

Because he was up stairs engaging our toilet (the one we didn't spend 8 months replacing) in a battle of the wills.

He got it to flush.


But it is slow. And fickle.

It required mighty plunging. And then the snake. Snaking. (though we aren't sure it was very effective).

Mr. Kaos came up to check on us (my dad and I trying to snake the toilet together... family unity and all that) and when he saw things weren't going as well as they could he made one suggestion: Should we put in a new toilet for Christmas?

We have to stop him


Lisa Milton said...

My parents were frequent remodelers - out of need and well, crazy I think.

This is not a fun time to take on a new project.

{This from a woman whose dearly beloved husband started painting their bedroom on Christmas Eve last year. Truly, my eyes nearly bled.}

mielikki said...

I thimk DK is having an ill effect on toilets. Didn't they kill one at home before their departure?
Besides. It's not Christmas unless something like that happens. How many times has GG's sink gotten blocked over the years? I've lost count.

Dan said...

I think a new toilet was one of the gifts of the twelve days of christmas.

angel said...

send in the d.i.y. police cami- he has no license!!!

flutter said...

he's a MADMAN!!!!

holly said...

i say stick with what you got...
oh the stories you'll have for your grandkids about evenings spent with the family 'round the potty with the snake.

Jo Beaufoix said...

What is the 'snaking?'
I am a bit scared. Do you have snakes in your bathroom Miss Cami?

Mr. Fabulous said...

I would suggest you have him sedated. I have seen this kind of behavior before.

sybil law said...

Go for the toilet. Go for the toilet!!!!
I am pretty sure I've never typed THAT before.
But still -
get a new toilet!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Buy the Ferguson 5000 anti clog POWER FLUSH. 100 years of toilet heaven :-) Down with the snake, I say!!!

Hi from SpeedyCat (I saw you at Olga's Bra Shop)