Monday, June 04, 2007


it's 8:39 and for the first time in a week or 2 (how long has K been on summer vacation? the days melt into one another until there is no difference) we are all awake...

Mr. Kaos is already zipping off toward his huge conglomerate, K is watching Peep (sounds, dirty, but it's about a chicken a duck and a bird) (okay still sounds dirty but it's not). I, I'm sitting here typing cryptic messages to the world....

all is quiet

for now

Soon we will venture out into the world of wild things with bloggers and and family and friends. OH MY.

We're going to do one of K's favorite things.

I'll tell later. with pictures.


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Lindyloo said...

looks like fun. I'm looking forward to when Squidge is interested in the Zoo. We took her a couple of months ago during a school holiday week!! BIIIIIIG mistake the place was... uuum... well it was a ZOO! Million and millions of kids and their parents running around.