Friday, March 23, 2007

march is just super...

March is like hell month here in the Kaos household. We handle hell well, we try to have fun with it but it's still hell. That's just what happens when you pile birthday on top of birthday multiply it by 16 and throw in family medical emergencies, Nana's visit, arts & crafts overload and 17 parties for good measure. We like visiting the hell that is March, but we don't want to live here.

So it is with a sense of relief that I start to poke my head out of my protective shell and look around... is it over? Are we there yet? April anyone?

Not yet. Almost. So soon I can taste it.

We have one more big March happening. One more big ruckus. A big bash. The birthday party.


The one where K and 9 friends will dress up like super heroes and hurl big round objects down 62 feet of glossy hard wood while trying to knock over 10 pins. Oh yeah people, we're taking a field trip to the bowling alley WITH SUPER HEROES.

Do all those capital letters make me sound excited? I am. I really really am. I'm not sure if I am more excited at the prospect of once again donning my bat girl ensemble or seeing K in her new wonder woman get up. It could be the thought of all those little kids in super hero disguises or the pitchers of beer and taco pizza. I know, we're not just normal crazy, we're super crazy. You get used to it when you've lived your entire life that way.

I think what I really look forward to is coming home from the party, hanging up our super capes, setting aside our masks, basking in the family glow and reclaiming some sense of normalcy, because yes, even here in the house of Kaos we have normal days sometimes, most of the time really.
As the month of March (hell) fades into April and the days grow warm and wet the Kaos family will start to unwind and for us that will be just super...


mielikki said...

That sounds like so much fun, bowling superheroes. I wish my mom would have thought of that. Instead we got the trite Straw Hat pizza parties, with kids I didn't even like. . . will you plan my next birthday? Its not in March, I promise!

CamiKaos said...

you give me three things to go on and I will tell you what you should do for your birthday!

Bubblewench said...

OOHHH! That is such an awesome idea!! Hope it went well.