Monday, November 06, 2006

What can I say about a day like today?

It is storming outside and in.
Outside: I hear the rain spattering the house, the wind in great gusts blowing everything around and I expect to be chilled by Portland in November but it is nearly 70 degrees.. The trees are swaying and I recall last night's mini quake and can't help but think mother nature isn't pleased. There were a rash of murders and violence in Portland over the weekend and it makes me so sad... I'm not naive I know things happen, people do things, people have things done to them but it gives me no comfort to know it happens everywhere... makes it worse... raising a child in this bizarre mix of hatred, indifference and oblivion is strange... it is hard to know if we are giving her the right tools to not just survive but thrive in this world...
Inside: K missed an entire week of school because she was sick and today is her last day home with me before she goes back... She has invited 10 imaginary friends over to keep her company...She is doing the classic kid noodles on the fingers thing... "mommy don't these fingers look good enough to eat?" She is bored, she is tired of being away from her friends and who can blame her. It's muggy inside but I want to light a fire (in the fire place)... the cats are acting like bigger freaks than normal... Spike hiding (I have only seen him once today and he's normally on my lap whenever I am seated) and Ripper is being so aggressive that he seems like a completely different animal... and me... I just don't want to think about anything going on in the city or the world today... I feel like sleeping it all off but I am just too worried and supposedly too busy to sleep... though I can't seem to find time to do anything but sit and be concerned...
Plus I miss my friends, I miss my parents and I miss mike and he is just at work.... The cats are being even freakier now both huddling around my feet jumping at every noise and hissing randomly at the air... can anyone say natural disaster? apocalypse? insane paranoid housewife?
what's going on?

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