Saturday, November 18, 2006

the little things or bat family exposed

We got home not too long ago from running some afternoon errands, I went to my room for a few moments of quiet, K went about setting up a tea party for us and Mike sat down to read our local neighborhood News Paper the Sellwood Bee. I was just heading into the living room for our tea party when I heard Mike exclaim "Oh My!"

Whatever could it be?

There in the middle of the paper was a big two page spread on our neighborhood's yearly Monster March Parade. It takes place the Sunday before Halloween every year and is the highlight of our Family's Halloween season. We love Halloween and we adore the Monster March. There on one side up at the top was a picture of our lovely selves all done up as The Bat Family. Mike was thrilled, I was tickled and K was just plain amazed... apparently she's always wanted to be in the news paper.

It made her day, and considering she was home with the flu on Halloween.... it was just the ticket...

Her first news paper clipping and she isn't even in trouble ; )

It's not up on their site (I think the last issue is still up) but I will send a link if I see it otherwise I'll see about scanning it in!

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