Sunday, September 07, 2008

strange love episodes: betsy & ourpdx

Friday night we chatted with Betsy Richter of OurPDX about the site and oh so many other things:

When afterhours started we had Rick Turoczy join in via skype for a little chat about the fate of ORblogs before we began our normal afterhours free for all:

As always you can listen to the show here, download them or subscribe so that you can always be the first to know when we've released a new episode...


Join us Friday September 12th at 10pm for another live episode of Strange Love. This time we'll be joined by the charming Don Park (otherwise known as @donpdonp). I'm hoping that he'll be able to shed some light on Android for me and when that's through I'll see if he can justify his stance on barefoot lawn mowing and not following me on twitter.

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