Friday, July 25, 2008

time is folding

A pocket of time seems to be collapsing in on me. Summer is eating my schedule for breakfast and leaving no leftovers.

Do you ever feel like there are only 12 hours in any given day?

I do.

(that is so my way of saying I have no time for a real post today... I am tiling my floor, getting ready for a visit from several family members, preparing for a party and looking forward to cre8camp and then a BBQ on Saturday... Timelord help me)

Tonight on Strange Love Live we'll be joined by Rick Turoczy who, in addition to his many great accomplishments in the tech realm, also has really fantastic hair. Will I ask him about his hair? Probably not, but you never can be sure unless you listen...

We'll be streaming live tonight at 10pm, join us won't you?


belle said...

There are only 12 hours in a day? Crap. I need about 36 ... *sigh*

Bubblewench said...

12 just isn't enough.. you're so right.

holly said...

there are as many as 12 hours in a day? crap! i'm gettin' robbed! SOMEONE OWES ME SOME HOURS!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I need more hours. Life is going too fast at the moment and I can't keep up. Hope the floor looks gorgeous my sweet and I love you too.