Wednesday, May 07, 2008

vote it out, bitch...

All over the country people have been voting. Making a choice. Saying who they want to make the run for President of the United States of America (because the president of the house of Kaos position has already been filled).

Voices are crying out loud.

The end is getting so very near.

I mean, the Oregon primary is in clear view so you know we're almost there. You know the Presidential Election is just around the corner.

The Oregon Primary Election is May 20, 2008 but if you're a registered Oregon Voter you should have gotten your Voter's Pamphlet and ballot by now...

Don't let the date slip by unnoticed.

Don't delay.

Get on it.

Vote it out, bitch.


This public service message brought to you by CamiKaos... I really want Obama to win the nomination, but I'll let you make your own decision.


belle said...

we had a local election on Thursday. I always vote. My grandmother told me she would come back and haunt me if I ever didn't. She mentioned that before she died.

But this Thursday I forgot.

It means I will burn in hell forever as well as being haunted, doesn't it? Would it redeem me if I send virtual votes for Obama?

Lilacspecs said...

Psshhh...Pennsylvania's primary is the last primary that actually counts, who are you trying to fool.
But hey I voted Obama so I'm with you on that.

stephanie said...

We Washingtonians caucused it out (sounds a little painful,no?) a long time ago, but we'll continue to send good Obama vibes.

Summer said...

I voted months ago, but sadly my vote doesn't count. Don't try to dissuade me from this incontrovertible fact, I know the deal.

I live in the land of seven-straight-years of single-state recession. Where we've had the highest unemployment rate in the nation for ages. This pretty state of mine has not only worst record for hate crimes, and the highest rate of home foreclosures, but also the honor of having our largest city classified as the most dangerous in the United States.

I live in a state where our votes are as ignored as our pressing social and economic problems, which could have served as a warning and a lesson to the larger American economy had anyone been listening to our seven-year-long cries of despair.

I live in Michigan.


sybil law said...

I think he's pretty much got it, babe...

mielikki said...

voted long ago, in my republic of Cali...
good message though

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hope it goes your way hon.

holly said... hawaii so sucks.

look, just pick me up an extra one, will you?

yeah, i suppose that's illegal or something.

The Immoral Matriarch said...


david mcmahon said...

Sorry I've been AWOL. New job, y'know.

Here in Oz, voting is compulsory!