Wednesday, January 09, 2008

kaos is normal...

I think maybe there's something about our little cast of characters that I should explain to you all.

Back before there was me, Mr. Kaos existed.

He was a real live human person.

For real.

He walked and talked and breathed and all that.

And he made music.

And he didn't use his real name.

But he didn't have me, his Mrs. Kaos, to get his name from. A little Kaos into his life had not yet fallen.

So people had to call him something right?

What oh what to call my straight laced (no) stand up (yes) normal (no) man?

Why, Dr. Normal of course.

So if you see someone lurking about your interwebs, your youtube, your myspace, your bloggy stuff and it's some oddball named Dr. Normal, don't be too worried...

It's Mr. Kaos... not some other crazy lunatic blog stalker.


stephanie said...

Now I totally want to see a Dr. Normal lurking my page. Is that wrong?

I'm guessing yes.

mielikki said...

Long Live Dr. Normal!

Dan said...

Dr. Normal sounds like someone the Doom Patrol would fight.

And now, having exposed myself as a geek and befuddled everyone else who has no idea what I am talking about, I shall quietly retire to a corner.

holly said...

i agree with dan. only you sound like a duo. camikaos and doctor normal fight the evil nazi zombies. i don't know from doom patrol, but i see it in the marvel/dc lineup. (my husband is always looking for nazi zombies in his comic books) (sorry, *graphic novels*) (yes, i know) (but he has a phd) (not in graphic novels) (one last set of parentheses to round it out) ()

btw a *lovely* duo. not some crappy one.

Bubblewench said...

Dr. Normal ROCKS!

Dan - see you in the corner. I know too....

and i tagged you. pppphhttttt.

Lisa Milton said...

Dr. Normal & Mr. Kaos - now that's some identities to get behind.

missburrows said...

Hmm...I thought you two would just hyphenate it:

"Welcome to the Normal-Kaos House, please mind the construction."

julie said...

Normal-Kaos! That's the best!

david mcmahon said...

Hey, Dr Normal, come on over, mate!!

CamiKaos said...

David: I think he's been by... he's just very hush hush

Julie: it does sum us up nicely

Missburrows: We sometimes toy with the idea... but I feel it would break up my brevity. (I'm known for that you know)

Lisa: Yes, he's loooovely.

BW: That is not the way to graciously tag me. You have to appeal to my sense of ego... tell me how lovely/funny/amazing I am and then say "If you can, I mean if it's not too much trouble could you please please allow my humble wenchness to tag you" Naw, your was is probably better.

Holly: Oh we could have a car like the green... shit there are two guys with green in their name and I can't recall which one is which. But you know, the green guy with Kato and the awesome car. Mr. Kaos and I talked about being him and Kato (I would be Kat... I might look sexy as a little martial arts dude in a chauffeur's cap) for Halloween one year... but not next year because next year we are doing something else completely.

What was I saying?

Dan: And you called the guy with the sonic screwdriver toy a nerd?

Mie: hear hear. or here here. hmm. YES.

Stephanie: No, not really so wrong, he's a very exciting and mysterious lurker.

flutter said...

your normal-kaos is like BLOWING MY MIND

CamiKaos said...

flutter: astonishing stuff no?

sybil law said...

That man is not normal!
It's all misleading. It's a trap!!!