Wednesday, November 14, 2007

what were you looking for - the explantion

After yesterday's post I gave some thought to why some of those funny phrases would lead someone to my blog and today I thought I would offer you all some sound reason based logic on why these various phrases have brought people (You? maybe you?) to my site.

-psychoanalyze yourself
-Psychoanalyze Yourself real

Nothing too fun with these two. Once in a desparation for something entertaining to post I put up a myspace psychoanalyze yourself quiz thing. It was very revealing. or something.

-master of cock

I never ever used the phrase "master of cock" on my page! What kind of person do you think I am. I said cockmaster. Completely different!


I'm guessing this has more to do with my receiving and doling out the break out blogger award and less to do with the time I waded through the bowels of Alcatraz in a desperate bid for freedom.

-do tile flange kits work

This is an excellent question. Let me answer it! I don't know yet. This search return though is obviously a product of my many posts about remodeling my bathroom.

Someone forgot my "O". The nerve of some people!!!


Have I ever, and I mean ever in the history of my blog used the letter "T" in anything???


Someone forgot my " ". The nerve of some people!!!

-water barer tattoo

I don't have a water barer tattoo. Why? Did someone say I did? THEY lied!

-personal website naked

I don't have one of those. Do you?

-is there really a santa claus letter

I feel completely qualified to answer this question. Yes there is a Santa Claus letter. More than one in fact. Kids all over write them every year, so there must be at least a hundreds by now.

-tiki clocks

I have one. It's lovely. It was a gift. It is MINE. You get your own.

-i fucked tiki

I did not. That would hurt, and besides I love and respect Tiki too much for that to happen.

-stitches in my face

I don't have stitches in my face anymore. They were put in and then taken out nearly a year ago.

-reindeer santa preschool

Oh come on, I have just NO idea why this is here! Did I once mention reindeer, santa and preschool in one post? Yes, and I already linked it up there....

-kaos bongs

I don't do that anymore... but oh for the days of a big bag of salty cashews and a 6 pack of pepsi while I zoned out to watch Buffy....

Well then, it looks like we've had a little glimpse into how these things show up in google searches. I hope you all enjoyed it...

Now I'm off to eat some soy sausage and drink my Cherry Coke.... Which makes me wonder why I don't come up in any google searches for Cherry Coke. I really should, shouldn't I?


mielikki said...

I must now google cherry coke and see if you come up

Maddy said...

Eek! My ignorance is hanging out all over!

Lindy said...

did you know that according to Wiki Warren Buffet drinks about 5 cherry cokes a day- you're in good company.

flutter said...

You are a nut.

sybil law said...

Did I ever tell you that a friend of mine from high school makes glass bongs for a living and is a millionaire? True story. Wonder if he has a kaos bong! I will have to find out - or suggest that as a new name for one!

Troy said...

I'll stop telling everyone that you have a "water-barer" tattoo. I feel so embarassed.

I, however, accept no responsibility for "personal website naked."

Mr. Kaos said...

"Lindy said...

did you know that according to Wiki Warren Buffet drinks about 5 cherry cokes a day- you're in good company.

Damn, Lindy beat me to it! I heard this on CNBC about 2 weeks ago and was going to tell you this. He also eats a lot of cheeseburgers (he should invest in Burgerville).

holly said...

yes, this fairly cracked me up. although the tiki one made me wince with imagined pain.

angel said...

oh my freakin word i love these search lists!!!
yours is brilliant cami!

LOL @ word verification: hispeck

Jo Beaufoix said...

I must look at searches.
So funny.
What is tiki, or shouldn't I ask??

Jo Beaufoix said...

hmm, and according to your map thingy, I am in Glossop apparently??
Well I'm not. It's all just a fabric of lies.

Anonymous said...

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