Monday, November 26, 2007

what desparate sounds like

I have 4 days to write 21,638 words because I am a total slacker. Bert ends before this week does and I owe him blood... or chapters maybe... so instead of a real post you can hear the long format (10 minutes of your precious time) recorded idiocy that goes on when Mr. Kaos and I have a microphone and try to record a simple clip of music for a lyric contest... enjoy while I type until my fingers are out of skin.

(Listen carefully and around the 3:30 mark you may realize that Mr. Kaos has a big mouth and can't be trusted to keep a secret. Even from me. Oh and the $25 gift certificate is not the only prize the 2007 Kaos Holiday Lyric Contest Winner will receive)


Jo Beaufoix said...

Ok. I daren't listen to this now as Miss E is right beside me and I'm scared you too might get saucy or cheeky or something.
I'll listen later.
Now go get Bert.

Kick his pudgy arse and make him your b**ch or something.

Remember, spew it out. The quality will come later when you edit. Go, go, go Cami. Fly like the wind and all that blah.


P.S. I'm on top momma today and I just saw you in the Halls o Fame. click me if you love me (and if you get chance.)

Lisa Milton said...

Type, Cami, type. May the bandaids flow a plenty for your poor widdle fingers.

(I swear you could have a career on the radio. You have the voice.)

mielikki said...

Good luck with Bert; just remember you are able to kick his butt

The 'podcast' was hilarious, esp. because I have seen the Kaos family studio. It's incredible, it really is! :)

mielikki said...

nice rack

CamiKaos said...

Well I have 19,778 left to go and I am breaking for lunch. I want to hack that number down as far as a I can today. maybe I can make 40,000 by days end?

Mie: Thanks... it's a gift. PS Mike says you'll have to do a show next time you visit.

Lisa: Thank you so much. And unexpectedly my skin is holding up just fine, my finger joints on the other hand are really starting to ache ;)

Jo: I'm going to kick poor Bert's but so hard he won't know what happened.

sybil law said...

You callin' me a sick bitch?! What?!
Okay - I admit it - it's totally true.
Can we grade the songs like those kids' pictures that went through the email rounds forever ago?! Please? Okay - probably too mean.
Cami has the face and body for Playboy and the voice for radio. That is FO SHO.
Yay! People need to hurry so we can judge!

Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

I can't listen at work, but I will at home. I'm going to have to work on those lyrics!

Winter said...

Great blog, will be back.

CamiKaos said...

winter: Thank you, and welcome.

Lori: Get to work gal, of all my chickies if you don't enter... I just... I don't know what I'd do!

Sybil: Am I calling you a what now? If you have any questions just go back and listen to it again... I am sure you'll get the message. xoxo

flutter said...


angel said...


muffled giggles as i have a mouthful of coffee and i can NOT wreck another keyboard!!