Monday, October 29, 2007


I've heard that the first step is admitting you have a problem... I want to work on that... but where to start?

I mean, I am willing to admit I have a problem, I just can't decide which problem I should admit to having...

Should I go slowly, start with one and discuss it in disturbing detail or should I just get them all out there at once?

Oh hell, who needs quality... lets go for quantity babies!

My name is Cami and I am a Cherry Coke junkie. If it weren't legal I would do horrible things to get it.

My name is Cami and my family has already decided what we will be for Halloween... NEXT YEAR.

My name is Cami and I need to learn to say NO more. Apparently I didn't listen to Nancy Reagan enough because I am so over scheduled and wound up so tight I'm afraid I'm going to have springs come flying out of me as I come apart like a ticktock girl.

My name is Cami and I am a Facebook addict. I am. I looked at some of my friends' pages this morning and I see all this banter from me. I am a junkie... I am hitting the facebook smack almost as hard as the Cherry Coke.

My name is Cami and I eat soy sausage for breakfast 5 days a week... why can't I just love myself enough to eat more pig?

My name is Cami and this is getting truly ridiculous but I'm committed to it so I have to follow through.

My name is Cami and I am lazy so I am going to stop right here.

Who are you... and what's your problem?


Kimberly said...

My name is Kimberly and I could top this list so easily it makes me laugh. A lot. =P

Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

My name is Lori and
I too have figured out what we'll be for Halloween next year.
I cannot wait for November 23rd (Black Friday), even moreso than Thanksgiving.
I have eaten WAY too much Halloween candy this year.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I hardly get any Facebook banter from you. WTF?

123Valerie said...

Girl Scout cookies are my current foes. Stay strong, C. Stay strong.

mielikki said...

It's a miracle I even made this comment!
No seriously.
But I am slowly, with admitting it, getting better.
Really I am
really I

Jo Beaufoix said...

My name is Jo and I am addicted to plain chocolate, red wine and blogging.

My name is Jo and I really need to do some exercise.

My name is Jo and I nick my children's cheese strings.

That's all you're getting.

bellevelma said...

My name is Belle and I am addicted to chocolate and blogging.

CamiKaos said...

belle, jo: I can't believe I didn't include my blogging habit... I must still be in denial about that one.

Mie: that's a family trait.

123val: thinmints?

Mr. Fab: I'll rectify that... I just thought you were too busy texting

Lori: I've dipped into the candy a bit too and that is really unlike me... and by a bit I mean where the hell did ALL those reeses peanut butter cups go?

kimberly: hooray... I'm good for a laugh.

sybil law said...

My name is Sybil...
and you make me feel normal.
How's THAT for scary?!
Hahahahahahaha kidding, of course.

Troy said...

My name is Troy and I have a completely unreasonable hatred for people who have their Christmas lights up and turned on, right now, two full months before Christmas.

Hate them, hate them, hate them.

CamiKaos said...

Troy: That is NOT your problem.... that is CLEARLY their problem. Who has Christmas lights up in October? That is just so... well it kills Halloween... which is MY favorite holiday.

Poo on the early lights.

flutter said...

my name is flutter, and I have a problem with TMI. Ohhhhhh I always give TMI

landismom said...

My name is landismom, and I have a problem saying no to anyone who I didn't give birth to.

I want facebook love too!

CamiKaos said...

landismom: well add me!!!!

flutter: yes dear you do.

Oh, The Joys said...

There is no such thing as eating too much pig.

Amira said...

My name is Amira and I have so many freaking problems that I started a BLOG to get them all out. BLAH!

angel said...

my name is angel and i am a cat slave.
my name is angel and my world revolves arounf my son.
my name is angel and love my laptop too much.
my name is angel and i am addicted to coffee.
my name is angel and i am addicted to vanilla coke.
my name is angel and i am addicted to cigarettes... i stopped- but i smoke if i drink.

Gunfighter said...

My name is gunfighter and I am jonesing for a new tattoo.

My name is gunfighter, and I really hate it when lights are left on unnecessarily.

My name is Gunfighter and... um... I guess thats about it.

(yes, there is more, but I am SO not tellin')

DaddyKaos said...

My name is DK and CK's family has even decided what I will be next HW