Monday, July 09, 2007

to do

It's idea thief & consumer whore all rolled into 1 little bundle... the bundle of me.

A while back
Mr. Fab wrote his dear readers sick and twisted post cards. I did not receive one. No postcard for little miss CamiKaos. Ignored. Unloved. Dejected.

Of course in all fairness I didn't ask for one or give him my address so eh, probably not so much his fault?

This brings me to my point, my idea thieving... my further consumer whoring...

I'm taking a trip and when I go I am sure to see postcards everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

So who wants one?

I, the greatly inflated CamiKaos, will send you a post card. I can't guarantee it will come from *that* place, I may get tired of mouse faces and princesses and little boys who refuse to grow up (cause hello, we've all seen that).

But if you ask me for a postcard here in the comments and then send me an email (mommifiedme at gmail dot com) I will send you one. Oh and that email, it should contain your address... even if I know you out there, in the real world, even if I hand made your wedding invitations, even if I am your crazy twin, cousin, sister or your sister in law (I really do mean it send me your address if you want one cause I am shit at recalling addresses).

So do you want me to send one? To you? Of your very own? In my very own handwriting from my own little hand?

Because I have the love. And because it is a really good idea. That isn't mine.

Now I can't vouch for the content of the postcard. It could be naughty, it could be nice, it could contain saccharine sweetness, be full of lies or confess to horrible things I've never done (or did I?).

None the less I am jumping on the postcard bandwagon, so if you want one I will hook. you. up.

That's right.

I have the love people, and I need to get rid of it.


Celtic Rose said...

Me, me, me, I want one! (you can'tsee this but I am raising my hand and jumping up and down, hmmm better that you can't!)
No, really I would love one, from anywhere, with anything written on it that your little heart desires. I can't travel this summer so I am trying to live vicariously thru others. Oh cool . . . yes I am easily entertained, just ask Mielikki!

Bubblewench said...

I'm so all over this I sent you the email before I even finished reading the post... and thanks for the personal push.. were you reading my mind 2 seconds before I read :

even if I know you out there, in the real world, even if I hand made your wedding invitations

flutter said...

Oh that is freakin' great. I want one.

Mrs. Incredible said...

Give me the love.

Kami said...

Me, me...oh doppleganger, send me one!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Me too, me too.

Can you also attach tickets to come and join you?

Or just some sunshine.


Big kiss X

Corey~living and loving said...

How fun! SEnd me one! :)

mielikki said...

Ok, comment, take two! My last one got lost in blogland, somewhere.
I want a postcard, and I would prefer the naughty variety, because I would love to see my postman/oldman read it.
And, I am going to steal this idea, for when I go to Portland! (So, You'll have to help me find postcards!)

sybil law said...

i was hoping i'd get one, regardless! so send me one, biotch!

julie said...

Me, me! I want the love!

Mr. Fabulous said...

You are damn right I want one!

sadimac said...

Yes, please. I like bad guys. No, bad gals. Real or fictional. Email coming. Just as soon as I remember my address.

Lindyloo said...

Oooh! MEEEE! Me! Me! Me! I want one!!! I'll even send you one back all the way from Eeeenglaaaand!

CamiKaos said...

Celtic Rose: It will wing its way to you my dear…

Bubblewench: Um, yeah, obviously you want it.

Flutter: Of course, and if I can find it it will have a princess posed as a mudflap girl

Kami: Oh doppelganger, I think yours will be creepy

Jo: I can’t send tickets (sigh) but I’ll try to find a sunny one.

Corey: You are so getting the best one

Syb: You broke the rule bitch, send me your address. What, do you think you’re better than everyone? (and yes I know I have sent you cards and packages, but I can't remember which is the OLD one and which is the new one, so just fucking do it)

Julie: So much love, on its way soon

Mr. Fab: I’m gonna give you the prettiest pinkest one of all

Sadimac: Postcard while we are there plus pictures galore and you will probably get a little something extra as well, but that you’ll have to come by and pick up.

Lindyloo: You’re my 2nd brit card request, but I have no address for you sweetie, and I totally want one back!

landismom said...

Sounds cool, I'm off to email you now.

LaRousse said...

OK, so I'd love one, but I know someone who would love one more - T! Of course. So on behalf of her, please, please, please? Even though it may start a period of "I want to go to Disney Land".

Giddy. said...

Yes Please!!

I bet the Short Bus would love one from K! =)

janet :) said...