Wednesday, July 25, 2007

dear bitch with the camera

Hey you, you know who you are. You were on main street last night with the other 7.2 million people trying to exit Di$neyland and being herded like cattle. You know when the crowd was so thick you could hardly breath let alone walk. You were there with your camera trying to take a picture IN THE MIDDLE OF MAIN STREET just as EVERYONE was trying to EXIT. People were trying to be nice and give you the room, but they all looked at you like you were some kind of crazy bitch. You are.

If trying to take that photo of that guy doing nothing in particular in the middle of that massive crowd didn't make you crazy, what you did next did it. When a guy with his two kids that he was trying to keep together, trying to keep track of saw the wide open space in the crowd and moved his two LITTLE daughters through it walked into "your" area (we all know you owned it right?) you yelled as loud as you possibly could "Look people I am trying to take a picture here!" In the rudest most disgusted tone I have heard. I don't even think that I, bitch of the century, could muster that particular action.

So maybe tomorrow night you could try to take your picture 20 minutes earlier... or maybe wait until the tide of people subsides.

Oh and don't come anywhere near me or I'll shove that camera where the sun don't shine, and here in Anaheim I can't think of many places... so you know you're in trouble...


CamiKaos (the one who was too busy getting through the crowd with her daughter and husband to hurt you)


Because none of you did anything wrong here is a little treat for you... What does it look like when the Kaos Family goes on the Matterhorn you may wonder? Well wonder no more...


Jo Beaufoix said...

That looked quite scary.
The princess is very brave.
Mr Kaos perhaps not so brave, but he did such a good job filning.

I think I'd have just dropped the camera and barfed.

Bubblewench said...

I would have kicked her in the ass.

I can't see the picture. Stupid work computer.

flutter said...

ahhhh the wonders of stupid people.

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing that video! I love it! (I also like the new Minnieish picture of you on your blog.) It looks like you're having an awesome time.

mielikki said...

Ahh the Matterhorn. That one was closed the last time I went. Thanks for the vid, it brought back some good memories.

Corey~living and loving said...

oops! so sorry...That was ME! WHo knew?????

LOL just kidding! ummmm yeah....that lady is crazy!
and ummmm dial-up hates videos. :( wish I had a better connection but...oh yeah....I am rural...and they think us hicks don't need a high speed connection. :(

sybil law said...

I so would've kicked that lady's ass!
But yay! Fun times. :)