Sunday, June 24, 2007

camikaos goes to school: part 2

the sound of the singing pirate
The first time I took K to see Captain Bogg and Salty in concert it was all for her, after all how good can a band with a gimmick be? Really if you have to dress up like a pirate to get people to come and see you how much talent is roaming around in that band? When the first song began though, my preconceived notions were trashed as I listened to the rhythmic rocking of the pirate troubadours.

tattered sheers
When we brought them home to hang behind the red embroidered curtains they were white and pristine. We were so thrilled to achieve that look of perfection over our 80 year old windows that must have been painted at least 10 times in their life. Now though with one child, two cats and too many clumsy friends with a glass of wine held too loosely in their hand, they are a shell of what they were meant to be. The stains that graced them are faded from time and scrubbing but the holes and runs from enthusiastic cats only worsen.

the plaster walls
The night we walked into this home, when it was not yet ours, I noted in my mind the horrible smell of too many cigarettes smoked in it’s old walls, the scarred and scratched hardwood floors, the kitchen cabinets, solid but ugly and painted 3 times too many. Most of all though, I noticed that while the Living room had walls that had been painted and papered and painted and papered too many times over, the walls of the dining room retained their smooth cool plaster, just as it must have been when it was spread on nearly 80 years ago.

the over sized and scratched wood table
Our first house was a new one. Every inch of it new, not just to us, to the world. It had new furniture made of glass and metal. Cold and modern, and it fit. When we moved here that furniture made a mockery of its surroundings. This table was one of the first things we bought. This big table with 6 sturdy chairs. Mike and I thought of all the things we could do, and things we shouldn’t do on this table. It was the dream of all the years together, with my family visiting seated around it, coloring with K, maybe spoon feeding a new baby that awful mush that no one likes, that brought this table to our home.


Yesterday I shared the first practice piece from a lesson. In the 2nd piece for that lesson we were asked to pick 4 items from the room we described and expand on them individually.

xoxo - CamiKaos


mielikki said...

I know the 'holey' curtain story all too well. . . I like what you did, and still really think its great that you chose a sound, as well. Not everyone would do that.

sybil law said...

I like it.
Maybe you need some new sheers! Haha
Damn cats get our curtains, too.

flutter said...

I love your home.

Mama Zen said...

Interesting exercise. You did a great job with it. I particularly like "the plaster walls." I really got a picture.

Daveman said...

Ya know on the last one about the furniture not matching up with the house - an older house really needs the beauty of older objects.

For instance - you could hire me for atmosphere, and I'll stand in the corner, providing that needed glow. Actually - you may want to get a chair for me to sit in because my old back hurts quite a bit when I stand too long.

OH! And a bed. I'd need a bed to be in that corner too. And a fridge..., and a few other things - but the effect of my presence would be sooo darn cool! Neighbors would hate you. And in that context - thats a good thing. Trust me! Would I ever steer you wrong? Nooooo!

Bubblewench said...

I likey