Tuesday, April 17, 2007

meat matters... a tale of bacon

K: I'm not gonna eat it anymore mama. We don't have to call me a vegetarian, but I am not gonna eat anymore meat. I can't deal with the guilt of all those dead animals. How do they kill them? DO they shoot them or something? I mean that is just so saaaaaddddd.

did i mention she is 5?

CK: Okay, it's your choice sweetie. Do you need a list of things that are made from animals?

K: No, I know, if it is meat it had to be killed right? Except fish, I'm okay with killing fish.

CK: That will make dinner easier, daddy and I both love fish.


CK: I don't think I've ever known a vegetarian who ate pigs K.

K: I know, but isn't there a way to get just the bacon without killing the pig, like bacon surgery so the pig could still be happy and I could have its bacon?


Bubblewench said...

OMG. Bacon surgery! That is probably the funniest thing I have ever heard.

I do hope you have her permission to post her converstations with you.

mielikki said...

Maybe, someday, K will grow up and be a famous pig surgeon who does nothing but remove the bacon for the good little boys and girls :)

Mel said...

Gawdamighty. Bacon surgery. That's priceless.

mcewen said...

It certainly makes for an interest twist in the brain. I think it's the one thing my brother [vegetarian] found really hard to resist.

landismom said...

Aww, how sweet is that! I'm opposed to pig killing too, but I do eat some turkey bacon. Maybe there's a decent soy alternative?

(another) mel said...

So cute! Bacon was one of the things I missed at first too.

julie said...

Bacon surgery! I could benefit from a little of that myself...

Velma said...

That is so damn smart! Why can't there be bacon removal surgery, huh?