Wednesday, March 28, 2007

things that should be flat...

table tops
the sidewalk
the floor
my desk
flat irons

There are more right? I am too frustrated to think of more things that should be flat. Why am I frustrated? Because there is a certain carbonated cherry cola beverage that I drink. everyday. I drink it instead of coffee I suppose.

In order to have a victory of will and only drink one in the morning I put a single cherry cola can in the fridge at night before I go to bed. Why a can? Because the BIG bottle goes flat and the small bottle allows me to drink too much in one sitting. There is a science to it.

I will not drink it if it isn't cold. It must be cold, and I don't like ice in it.

It goes like this. I wake up, I feed K, I make myself something to eat, I take my medication with water in a little cup, I then open my luscious bubbly cherry cola and pour 1/2 of it into the little cup. Then, after I have carefully set down the can away from my computer, I sit down to do computer things, whatever they may be, and have that first wondrous sip of my cherry cola.

It's like bubbly heaven in a glass to me. It really is. I often suffer the mocking of cruel acquaintances (my husband, life long friends and family) for my love of the bubbly sweet nectar, but who cares I LOVE IT.

However, this morning when I picked up my can it had a little more give to it than I was used to. I thought it was odd but moved on and continued my routine. By the time I had poured my drink into the little cup I knew something was amiss.

WHERE WERE MY BUBBLES? If you have read my (incomplete) list of 101 things about me you may know that I love the sound of carbonation. That sound was not there. It was as though I had poured myself a glass of juice. I DON'T DRINK JUICE IN THE MORNING.

It was flat. and I don't know why. Maybe they didn't fill it all the way. Maybe it had a microscopic hole in it that allowed the carbonation to fizzle away to nothing. Maybe it was a cruel cruel joke on me... whatever the case I am not so patiently waiting as another cherry cola sits in a pile of ice in the freezer. When it's come down to the right temperature I will give it another chance to make me happy.

Flat cola. how disturbing...


Bubblewench said...

That's like waking up on xmas with no pressies. Sucks. You and that damn Cherry coke!

sybil law said...

That sucks. I like my Mt. Dew, so you will never be mocked by me. Which should earn me some sort of special spot. :)

mel said...

MMMMMMMM, cold soda. I like to put the can in the freezer for a bit before drinking it. I hate 2 liters. Blah.

sybil law said...

This is much later, my posting, but another thing that should be flat - YOUR DRIVEWAY! haha