Saturday, December 02, 2006

am i done yet?

more shopping

save me

too much to handle

consumer overload

toy store too full of things to buy

must control spending

oh look. SHINY. PRETTY. FUN.

the holidays are hazardous to my financial/mental health.

In all seriousness we went to buy the last must have thing for K so that our shopping could be done. yes more shopping. shopping shopping shopping. The last must have thing turned into several things... but it was controlled chaos. I think where she is concerned we are finally done for the season. Oh dear sweet sanity let us be done for the season.

Now I have the spread sheet to keep track of all the holiday shit and no idea what our holiday get togethers are looking like. how I crave the sanity of... umm.. lets see christmas, new years, Mike's birthday, valentines day, my birthday, st patricks day K's birthday, easter... ahhh late April will be good.

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