Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I've been thinking about temptation quite a bit lately. While I am a lusty lady and the first image the word temptation brings to mind is a passionate one... it isn't what has been on my mind... We all struggle with temptation don't we?

Things I have been tempted to do this week:

*drink another cherry coke
*take a nap when K is at school instead of doing chores
*have an all night movie marathon instead of sleep
*make a pitcher of Miki Tikis all for myself
*lay naked in front of the fire reading a book
*rip the counter, cabinets and floor from my kitchen and start from scratch
*take a jack hammer to my bathroom floor cause I can't keep it clean
*cry for an hour for no real reason I can discern
*buy a whole new wardrobe
*book a trip with Mike and K to Hawaii
*book a trip with Mike and K to Germany
*book a trip with Mike and K to Scotland
*turn the heat up to 75
*scratch my tattoo
*drink yet another cherry coke
*build a green house so I can grow veggies year round
*paint our picture rail again
*lay in bed and watch Scooby movies with K
*make creamy mushroom soup from scratch
*get another toy for K for Christmas
*buy a ton of toys for the toy drive
*bake cookies
*get new boots
*look at the present Mike & K got me that sits unwrapped covered in a plastic bag in the family room
*go for ice cream
*stop eating meat altogether
*have a nice steak
*meditate in a sun beam
*tip over a rock tower
*write my own letter to Santa Claus
*wrap up all the Christmas presents
*dance with Mike
*find an old friend
*have another child
*join the circus
*ask my brother and S why they don't get married
*shoot a portrait of my family the way I see them
*put every candle in the house in one room and light them
*take another portrait of my family in the candle light
*take a bath

That's not all, but it's a good chunk. Most of them I haven't done (except that cherry coke one, damn thing gets me every time). Some of them would be wonderful. Others are harmless or crazy. Some would have real lasting impact, even though it wouldn't seem so. Some I do not do out of laziness. Others wisdom, time, money and insanity. Some are passing thoughts others dwell in my mind... Some I know I won't do, some I will do on a smaller scale and some I think are great ideas all on their own.

Some of these things are good, some are bad, some are just impossible so why are they all temptations?

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elizabeth said...

They are all temptations, because in one way or another, there is either guilt attached to them (like, "How can I even think about wanting to travel out of the country when we have a mortgage to pay?"; "I really, really shouldn't have another cherry Coke"), or just practical common sense, which brings about feelings of foolishness or even, selfishness. Icould go on and on and on about motherly guilt and crap, but I am not even going to start! Anyway, I like them all - I say you cross one off every month. :P Then again, I fully believe in spoiling oneself and being selfish now and then. Guilt be damned!! Haha