Sunday, November 12, 2006

soup is good food

I've slept, thrown up and watched TV all day... I've been unaware of my daughter at times (like when i fell asleep while she watched The Incredibles and woke up hours later with no idea where she was) and super sensitive to her every move (mommy is sick please do not touch the Kleenex it is too loud)... When dinner time rolled around and I was finally ready to try some food again I sent mike and K to the store. Nothing sounded good so I made a list of all the things my mother gave me when I was sick as a kid plus a few of my current faves including but not limited to that Lipton chicken noodle soup that is like napalm it is so hot when it's ready, cherry coke, 3 kinds of jello and sherbet. He took the self proclaimed "robot monkey" with him to the store and suffered the looks of disbelief as she bounced all over the store on a tootsie roll induced sugar high and brought back all my goodies... I want none of it. I had some soup... I wait now for a scooby doo sherbet push-up while Mike & K play music in an attempt to sooth me, K by playing music I am bound to love and Mike by keeping K out of my hair...

now I have my sherbet push-up and push-up is good food

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Martin said...

so sorry for your sickiness sweetie. glad you're feeling a bit better