Monday, November 27, 2006

Some call it a soul patch....

Why this is occurring I am not sure, could be the weather, the season, the emotional climate, but whatever the reason Mike has been growing a beard. It didn't take much work, in 3 days it looks like he hasn't shaved in weeks. He hasn't shaved in 10 days (or so I think, he did have to go back to work today so he may have shaved this morning before K and I dragged our lazy asses out of bed... Monday is our sleepy day).

There is just something about him with a beard. He becomes a different manner of man. Not just his looks, though those change incredibly. He's more sullen and thoughtful and a little rough around the edges with a beard. More Grizzly Adams stuck in the city frantically writing music at 2 am.

What's the point? Hell, I don't know.

Maybe for whatever reason he's grown this protective shield over him and I am left to wonder what those of us who can't grow facial hair are to do when we want this same function, the soul patch, the shield, the armor that keeps us warm and says to the world "hey I'm not friendly leave me alone"

I don't want to be the bearded lady, but I'd love to walk around with my blanket wrapped around my shoulders for a week or two....

11:38pm update... when Mike got home this evening my suspicions were confirmed and his handsome face was fuzz free. Hooray.

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elizabeth said...

Terry can also grow a beard in a matter of days. I can't stand it. His face is too pretty to cover up! Men with long chins need beards, not out husbands, with their nice jawlines! The worst is kissing a man with the beard. It tickles and itches. Yuck. If i wanted to kiss a steel wool pad, I would. Oh God, that's one of my biggest things I hate, steel wool pads. I can't even touch one and even writing it down and thinking of it makes me ill. EEWW.
Good - I am glad he shaved. Brawny, be gone!