Tuesday, November 14, 2006

silence anyone?

from the time she wakes up until the moment she sleeps my daughter talks. talks talks talks. it never seems to stop. if she isn't speaking she is making up songs. it doesn't matter if the tv is on, if the radio is on, if someone else is speaking... she continues. sometimes it is quiet and almost inaudible. sometimes it is so loud i want to cover my ears. if you don't reply the first time she says something to you she will repeat it over and over and over again. once you do reply if she doesn't like the answer (which often times she doesn't since she is 4 and sometimes disagreeable) her pitch and volume will rise until I literally want to stick my head in the sand.

On the off moment she is not speaking or singing she will SIGH. not a little sigh from a tiny cute little person, the sigh of an elephant. then groans, whining, the grunting of exaggerated effort.

oh for a moment of silence.

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Giddy. said...

Do we live with the same kid? Mine never stops either... now I know how my parents felt.

Silence really is golden.